Sunday, September 8, 2013

Super Sunday Surprise at Sunrise

When I got up this morning - I heard the calling of the Lighthouse, I quickly got dressed, grabbed some coffee and headed out the door just in the nick of time. When I arrived at my destination - the sun was just coming up - what timing!

The pier was well attended this morning with the early fishermen - I noticed too that there was a nice mix of shore birds - low tide usually brings them in.

As I looked at the nice trio - I'm thinking to myself: "Here is a nice opportunity to see size differences between the birds". But wait !! What did I just see?!?

Is it possible? Isn't that the dance move of the Reddish Egret? OMG! This is the White Morph of the Reddish Egret!

Only the Reddish Egret rushes awkwardly about shallow water, chasing fish while creating a canopy with its wings to lure fish into shade. Though, I had a feeling that it was just about done fishing for the morning.

It was fun to watch and to be able to compare with the size, color, beak shape and demeanor - I felt very blessed to be granted this moment in time.

Here is the Reddish White Morph next to the Snowy Egret.

Here is a side-by-side example of the Reddish Egret - Dark Morth and White Morph.

After being on the beach for a while - I decided to check the trail and the boardwalk out for anything else that might be hanging around. I found this Florida Tree Snail on the railing - what pretty colors and bands!

After listening to Carolina Wrens, Blue Gray Gnatcatchers, Prairie Warblers, Cardinals and an assortments of woodpeckers - I decided to return to the beach before heading home. I was pleasantly surprise to come across this semi-palmated plover - I checked for bands and flags, remembering my last sighting - but no signs of colorful blings this time. He was alone and move away after I had the opportunity to capture his pretty face.

I scanned the pier and I noticed in the corner of my eye - movements on top of the mangrove - and as I came a bit closer to see who was in there - out came the Reddish White Morph.

Soon he was joined by the Great Egret - check out those beautiful wings!

And then the Snowy Egret came in too! By golly, I believe these guys are a threesome and I would be willing to venture to state that this is their regular hang out. 

And so, it was time for me to go....knowing that my sweet husband was home and probably preparing his famous Sunday Buckwheat Pancakes.....yum.....I'm reading for some food.
For interest, my E-Bird list is included.


  1. Wow! What a wonderful morning you had at the lighthouse today. Priceless! Plus delicious pancakes. Lucky you.

    1. Today was a great day! It was grandparents day too and I've been blessed with a precious grandson.

  2. Love the sunrise. You got some good pictures of birds. Glad you are enjoying yourself. You deserve it...

  3. The White Morph made chuckle seeing him clean himself. Love the colors on the tree snail.


  4. I enjoyed sharing your morning! Nice series of photographs and good information.