Monday, December 30, 2013

Caloosahatchee Creek Preserves with the Caloosa Bird Club

Sweet Monday - Today took me to North Fort Myers - to visit a trail that I hadn't seen before. This preserve is one of many Lee County Conservation 20/20 Preserves. It is very well maintained, has facilities and is totally handicap friendly with boardwalks trails within the preserve. It is a gem of a peaceful place - definitely a go-to spot.
Our first encounter - a Praying Mantis showing us the way to go.....follow the yellow brick road....

Soon the Robins landed and sang their song - just for us....we gave them our full attention.

Soon, the Northern Flicker joined in the tree - notice how this is the Yellow-Shafted Morph....yellow could be seen under the wings and under the tail.

Some of the trails were 'natural' with the occasional red ants colonies.

Here, the Yellow-Shafted Morph female Northern Flicker.

Within the quiet stillness and the peaceful trails - the water plant could be seen in the distance and the power lines a reminder of civilization.

After a while, we drove a bit and visited the Crested Caracara where it has been seen getting nesting material together.

"I'm hiding now, can you still see me?"

And off we went - to drive the country side to see what other eye candy we could feast on.

The Sandhill Cranes...."Are you looking at me?"

The 'scratching' pond.

Did you ever notice that if you stand on the side of the road where the cows are, that they will come to see you....perhaps they should be called "Curious Cows".

Or maybe "Copy Cows".....we watch the birds and the wildlife and they watch humans....LOL....we all benefit.

Wilson Snipe - how lucky to be able to photograph it out in the open.

Look who's watching the cow now?

Looks like they're getting down and cozy now.

As you can see - it was another lovely day birding with the Caloosa Bird Club group. My E-Bird List for the day. My tally for the day came in at 47 species. Our group - being that it's Holiday season time - was small at 12 members attending. The bird of the day was the Crested Caracara.

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  1. By all your pictures it definitely shows that you had an awesome day birding and it looks like the weather was good for taking pictures.