Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sweet surrender to nostalgia

As I reflect today on this last day of the year 2013 - it makes me realize what a great year this has been. I wanted to share some highlights of the moments that really meant a lot to me as well as my stepping stones.....however, it would become a lengthy exercise and probably a chore to read it all. So, I KISSed it instead (keep it simple slogan) and chose a photo from each month - noticing that some months were a lot more active and exciting than others....spring and fall come to  mind here.
Enough of that....a few photos of 2013

The beginning of my budding photography all started with my scope and my IPhone - it worked great as long as the bird didn't move.....a beautiful January sunny day spent observing this Red-shouldered Hawk in my back yard.

The Wilson Snipe, which I discovered while scoping the edges of the Ani Pond at the Bailey Tract. During the months of  January and February, there was also a lot of activities with the Sora and the Clapper Rail.

The Osprey family - being busy feeding the chicks by the Lighthouse Pier.

At the Bailey Tract - feeding away during the month of April - the Greater yellowlegs.
The Little Blue - in its environment at the Sanibel Garden Preserves during the month of May.
The Black-necked Stilt - I had been waiting for this species to arrive and I was not disappointed - wow - what a beauty! It was a thrill to watch it from May on through the summer - watching the eggs on those nests on the edge of the ponds, waiting for the babies....just amazing.
Well, come July - there isn't that much going on in my neck of the least that is what I thought....then again, I didn't know much.... I'm grateful that I am still capable of learning. This Red Cardinal is stunning in its plummage.

August comes around and it's pretty toasty around here - as I joined more local walks and met more 'birding' folks, I heard of the CWA in Ft.Myers Beach and I was delighted to go there with my good friends to check it out. This was my first Oystercatcher....well, if truth be told, most of the birds that I came across during 2013 were "first" for's fun to be a newbie because everyday brings a new surprise.
September and the little ones are getting sweeter....this Blue-grey Gnatcatcher is just a delight to watch and listen to.
October marks the beginning of fall migration - very exciting times. I got to see this beautiful Western Kingbird by the Lighthouse. During that month I also had the pleasure of going birding with a 'birdbrain' acquaintance and I learned a lot from her.
November and more migration is happening - the Blue-Wing teals as well as many other ducks were seen in Immokalee - what a great opportunity that see them all fly together and to hear the wings felt like an outer body experience.
This particular sighting for December was really special - seen in Charlotte Co with my bird club. December has actually been a very exciting month and it was hard to pick one bird over another because they all brought something extra to my plate of discovery. All in all - it was a very good year and I look forward to the new year with great anticipation to enjoy each and every moments.
 Happy New Year!

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