Saturday, January 11, 2014

Causeway - Great way to start the day.

The weather warmed up a bit and I had some extra time to spare before attending my yearly training at Ding Darling - so, off I went to cruise the Causeway.
I had been looking for the Black Scoter and I am glad that I ventured out this morning - it wasn't a carpet full of them, but that's okay by me.

A few Red-breasted Merganser could be seen diving in repeatedly.

As I reached the turn around point - I noticed something out of the ordinary at the base of the pilling....what might that be? Upon closer inspection, I noticed that it was a ....
Raccoon! How in the world did he ever get up there? They sure are cleaver at getting where they want to be. Once he realized that I was no threat to him, he resumed his coon nap.

.....while listening to.....

.... a serenade that only Grackles could make.

As I got ready to leave the Causeway, this Grackle came to see if I had anything to eat....sorry, no can'll have to find food the old fashion way.

These two Pileated Woodpeckers have found their food source without my help - as it should be.

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