Saturday, January 11, 2014

San-Cap Audubon bird walk/drive at Ding Darling

Bright and Early and eager for what the day might bring....a morning of birding is just my cup of tea with sugar on top.
We had a nice group this morning and I got the opportunity to see folks that I hadn't seen since last winter and got to meet more new  friendly people - Life is good!
One of the first sighting and attention getting - was those two Mottled Ducks with their bright orange legs.

Lots of White Pelicans today.

A Willet showing us his bright wing plumage which is usually noticeable when in flight.

A Green Heron flew in and stayed put while we watched.

Two Marbled Godwit were spotted with the Willets.

A White Pelican coming for a landing....I captured this shot shortly after having a chat with Lillian Stokes - great tips to further enhance my ability to photograph....thank you!

Those two - Snowy Egret and Red-breasted Merganser were just at our feet - sharing each other's space and both getting a benefit for feeding more easily.

Look who's trying to blend in? The Marbled Godwit with all the Willets.

Snowy Egret and Tricolored Heron .... two very handsome specimens.

Here's my favorite duck....the Red-breasted Merganser....well, one of my favorite.

Now, this Reddish Egret generated a bit of conversation since he is sporting some white feathers....I like variety, don't you?

Reddish Egret and White Ibis....crossing paths.

What a great comparison for size between the Brown Pelican and the White Pelican!

All resting and cleaning up.

Little Blue Heron - feeding on the side with no competition.

Using that "sport" setting - sure helps.

"Till the next time" she said....with a smile.
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  1. Loved the pelican and the Willets especially! Amazing to see so much in a day

  2. Loved the pelican and the Willets especially! Amazing to see so much in a day

  3. Wow you got some wonderful shots. I love seeing the white pelican coming in for a landing.