Friday, January 3, 2014

Snowy Day

This weather has been crazy lately and I'm thinking that I'm not in Florida anymore - perhaps I need to move south. 
In any event, with the snow that is being talked about up north - I thought it appropriate to post about the Snowy(s) that I spotted on the beach yesterday among others....maybe they already knew how chilly it was going to be....take a look
These little guys really blend in with their environment and it's easy to miss them all together.

And when they hunker down, they really disappear.

Same with the Sanderlings - their plumage is a great camouflage. I enjoyed watching them as they all moved as one when people came too close.

My idea of a snowman.

My hopes were to find the Lesser Black-backed Gull to add to my bird list - didn't happen .... this guy came over and posed for me instead.

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