Monday, March 31, 2014

Across Alva

Yes, you guessed it, today is Monday - my birding day with the Caloosa Bird Club.
Today we traveled to H.P. Franklin Lock to meet the rest of the group and to carpool for our next destination(s).
What a nice way to start the day!

A Limpkin greeted the day too. Then off we went to Alva's Restaurant to see....

A Great-horned Owl in its downy feathers. And after enjoying watching those two eaglets for a while and after being watched by people going by....we carpooled to our next spot...a Chipping Sparrow waiting for us at

The White's House in Alva - generous members of the Caloosa Birding Club who provide their hospitality and share their awesome view of the....

Indigo Buntings

And Painted Buntings too

After a while it was time to say goodbye to those gorgeous friends and move on to the next spot....

Parkinson Road to visit the.....

Red-headed Woodpeckers - this one has a huge grub in his bill

This one is checking us up.

This one couldn't care less....then we crossed the street and checked a little pond - there we saw....

A Snail Kite!

We made a stop at the Caloosahatchee Regional Park for a bit,

And a stop  on the north side of the W.P. Franklin Campground

Saw the Purple Martins

And a Logerhead Shrike

And a Forster's Tern getting in shape and practicing for the Extreme Challenge Games with the Cormorant as a spectator.

Then we drove to N. River Rd to visit Ken's Pond - there we were watched with interest.

The cows were easily photographed, the others not so much - we did see quite a few species, such as a Sandhill Crane family, a Spoonbill, a Greater Yellowlegs, some Coyotes in the distance and more.

Another great birding trip with the Caloosa Club. We tallied 70 birds across Alva today - not a bad day at all. My E-Bird List

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  1. Love all your pictures... Looks like another great day. Looks like you enjoyed yourself.