Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Cypress Slough with Caloosa Bird Club

What a sweet spot to go birding. I especially like to visit this area during the summer time - the area being surrounded by water and shaded by the trees always makes it feel at least 10 degrees cooler and that, my friend, is a great bonus in the Florida summer heat.
First sightings were in the parking lot - many more warblers were seen zipping about the tree tops - a bit fast for me to capture.

A Tuffed Titmouse with a companion.

The Carolina Wren was singing its best tune.

A few Great Egret were seen across the way - nesting in the trees.

Beautiful fauna grows in the shady waterways.

Doesn't that look appealing? And, no John, I wasn't talking about you. :)

The resident Black-crowned Night Heron in his blue suit.

Those eyes, oh my!

A Water Moccasin - well camouflaged.

The Palm Warbler bid us farewell.

40 species were seen by 35 people today - Good Birding.

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