Thursday, June 19, 2014

A visit on the Indigo Trail in Ding Darling

I had heard of a Yellow-crowned Night Heron having a nest with chicks not too far from the Education boardwalk/gazebo, so I decided to check it out.
It didn't take me long to find a Yellow-crowned Night Heron, however, sadly the nest was empty

An adult White Ibis was present

and so was this female Anhinga - dressed in her off the shoulder black dress.

I watched this Heron for quite some time and I noticed that water droplets were dripping rather consistently from his bill - I've yet to find the answer to this observation.

Do you think they feel the loss when their nest/chicks are consumed by predators?

Across the way, a young Green Heron was actively looking for food

while the lady Anhinga looked on.

He stopped his pursuit upon hearing a group of people coming along the boardwalk.

watching and listening to one of the visitor pointing out to

a Red Mangrove Tree snake.

In the meantime, a Tricolored Heron landed nearby.

Here is something interesting - this is actually a pellet that was left on the railing of the boardwalk - right next to one of those educational boxes that explains exactly what it is - do you think the Ibis knows how to read?

I made my way down the trail and smiled while watching family marveling with discoveries and taking family photos mementos, soon after I pointed them out to a gator resting nearby - they were really happy to see that.

Gator: the most sought after wildlife while visiting the refuge.

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  1. Awesome series of birds and photos. I love the YC NIght Heron and the Green heron. And the Ibis is pretty. Happy Birding!