Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bowman's Beach

Being that it is June Challenge month - I made a point of visiting Bowman's Beach to see some of the nesting birds - but as it seems the be the norm....there are always more surprises and that's a good thing.
As I headed west - to the path less traveled - I could see the amount of sea turtle nests lined up along this part of Sanibel.

The Yellow-crowned Night Heron was already in business...

A younger Yellow-crowned is following closely behind the adult.

He is ready for the action, eager and willing to learn the ropes

"Okay, close attention here"

"geeze, how many times do I have to do that?"

I diverted my attention to some movements - and there it was .... a Wilson Plover chick

See how easy they are to miss - they blend right in with their environment and when threatened they crouch down.

The parent wasn't too far away - keeping a close eye and giving verbal cues to its chick

In the meantime, the Ghost crab is keeping a close eye on those Yellow-crowned Night Herons....if he's not careful, he'll be breakfast.

Wilson Plover and Willet

A Mottled Duck sitting on the beach - cleaning up its act....

Did you know it could turn its neck this far - like an owl?

Yellow-crowned Night Heron still on the lookout.

"I'll Look this way and you look that way."

"Whoa! Nobody told me to look up too!"

"This was not part of the deal!"

"Did you invite him?"

you fill in the blank.....

 All in all, a great morning walking the beach and spending time with my feathered friends.

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