Thursday, September 18, 2014

Baby it's hot!

Do you know how hot it can get in Florida during the month of September?

 This hot!
Now I hope that you are smiling - I can assure you that anytime I feel myself being down and feeling sorry for myself, I pull out my recent memories of my grandson and everything else falls into place.
You see, just recently my camera went into a coma and had to be sent to the hospital to be revived, in the meantime I capture what I can with my IPhone - so, bear with me while I patiently wait for my third eye to return while hoping that migration will hold off till it comes back to me.
In the meantime - it's life as close to normal as possible.
A Lesser Black-backed Gull was spotted recently in my walking zone - he was mightily hungry, so it seems, because he managed to eat a fish that was as long as he is.

this was his last morsel....down the hatch in one swoop. Yikes.

On the following morning and in the same area, a Whimbrel landed real close to me - what a nice surprise!

The light on that morning was just so incredible and it made me ache for my regular camera.....I reminded myself that this is happening for a reason and that this too shall pass.

Camera or no camera - it's a beautiful sunrise taking place in paradise and I am blessed. Thank you.


  1. Love the curls...even not having your camera you still managed to get some nice pictures. I love the shadow you were able to capture with the Whimbrel bird.

  2. You did well using just a phone. Who would have thought years ago that we would be using our phones to take picture-pretty amazing! Looks like you got yourself into a good bird zone there.