Sunday, September 7, 2014

Migration - Come on down!

I can feel a tinge of cool breeze this morning and the promise of fall being around the corner. I head out to the Bailey Tract.

Moon flowers are standing out with their crispness and simple beauty.

Some wispy, free as the breeze, wildflower is swaying me on.

A River slider choosing the pond on the other side - perhaps it looks fresher.

A Mourning Dove feeling at ease as I go by.

A Red-shouldered Hawk watching from afar.

An adult Little Blue Heron having a meal without any competition.

What a nice surprise! A Downy Woodpecker - I never noticed before the light yellow in its feathers.

I'm tempted to say: "The End", however I have more to share....

A Common Ground Dove - the smallest Dove of them all.

A Mourning Dove sharing space with the Common Ground Dove - a great opportunity to compare them side by side....

......and what a nice view!

The Red-bellied Woodpecker came by as well as....

the Pileated Woodpecker.

Even though I can't provide you with photos of all the species that I came across - let me tell you that I got giddy with excitement as I entered the wooded trail - the songs were numerous and the movements in the trees were aplenty. Here is a Prairie Warbler which stopped long enough for me to capture it, others that were un-photographed, were numerous Ovenbirds, Wrens, Vireos and Gnatcatchers.

and a partridge in a pear tree...LOL....well, this is where my head was at but to be technically correct, these are Mourning Doves.

This trail is deadville during the summer - not so when migration begins and takes us into the winter.

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  1. Ground doves...hope you did not step on any lol. I was wondering why your bird blog was not being updated . For some reason I had to mess around with the site and what to my wonder eyes appeared, but some wonderful....