Saturday, October 18, 2014

Friday at the B.Tract

Promises of migrants coming through as a result of the wind/weather changes prompted me to return to the Bailey Tract and the Sanibel Garden Preserves.
I could see several groups of small birds overhead, though with my lack of experience, was not able to identify what was going by. Some others however - being larger in size - made it somewhat easier....
such as the Great Blue Heron. I took note of its tail feathers in flight mode and how similar the bird looked like a crane when its neck is extended. The more I get out on the field, the more details I seem to pick up along the way.

This burst of yellow landing on top of the tree turned out to be a Prairie Warbler.

A beautiful female Common Yellowthroat gave me some good looks before departing.

The Palm Warblers are back in full force - dashing from left to write and often leading the way along the trail - nibbling on the insects close to the ground.

The Catbirds can also be heard everywhere I turned to.

Bushes/trees filled with bursts of flowers are attracting the bees making the blooms come alive with buzzing activity.

Holding on and facing north.

Sweet little Blue Grey Gnatcatcher granted me one last look before I left the trail.


  1. Nothing common at all about that beautiful little Yellow Throat...... how lovely....

  2. I totally agree, every time I see one it takes my breath away.

  3. Wow!!! Just look at the Great Blue Heron flying. The Prairie Warbler is a beautiful bust of yellow. The yellow throat is a beautiful bird. Catbird interesting name for a bird. I sure looks like the buzzing bee is busy.