Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hawk Watch

The Audubon of Southwest Florida had their Hawk Watch this morning, its location was on Sanibel Island by the lighthouse. A nice crowd gathered up for the event on this beautiful and clear day. As I waited for things to unfold, I strolled a bit along the path nearby and was able to catch sight of a House Wren - its voice preceding its sight.
There it is singing its heart out.

After a short and sweet welcome by Jim Rodenfels - the field trip coordinator, we were introduced to our one and only birder extraordinaire - Vince McGraph. Vince led us to the base of the Lighthouse where we stood for several hours with our eyes glued to the sky - hoping, waiting and watching some of the hawks that came through - Kestrels, Merlin and Sharpie, as well as many migrants and some of our local feathered friends.

A female Indigo Bunting landed very close to where we were - giving everyone a great view.

An Eastern Wood-Pewee came shortly after, also staying for a bit for everyone to see.

Another Indigo Bunting as well as many others came through where we were - a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher flew by many times and that was probably one of the most favorite from the sound of the crowd - I wish that I had been able to capture it to show you - as it was a gorgeous flycatcher. 
All in all, it was a great morning - what's not to love about birding and being surrounded with friends who love to bird!

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  1. The female indigo looked like he was ready for you to take his picture. I enjoyed looking at your photos.