Wednesday, November 19, 2014

"Ding" - a Reddish Egret

Not too long ago I posted a photo of a Reddish Egret that was equipped with a transmitter and a band on my FB page, since this sharing took place I've learned a few things - and that, folks, is a good thing :)
I had not realized that the Reddish Egret happens to be the rarest wading bird in the U.S.The Florida population consist of 350-400 pairs with 100-125 of these pairs in the Florida Bays and Keys. Sadly, this sub-population appears to be declining. ARCI is involved in research and study of this specie (as well as many others), and their project have several partners and supporters, some of them are: Fish & Wildlife Services and San-Cap Audubon among others.
Let me introduce you to "Ding"
On 6/20/14 "Ding" was captured and released at Ding Darling. It was outfitted with a GPS solar powered transmitter, "Ding" has since ventured out several times to Tarpon Bay, the Lighthouse area of Sanibel, Pine Island and back to Ding Darling.

I personally saw/noticed "Ding" with its equipment first on 11/09/14 by the tower off the Wildlife Drive in Ding Darling Fish & Wildlife Refuge and again today 11/19/14, both times was during the morning while it was feeding. Here it is seen consuming a Ballyhoo.

The transmitter is quite visible in this photo.

Today it was seen shortly after capturing a shrimp.

"Ding" was quite active and, unlike me, didn't seem to mind the rain and low 50's temperature.

So, folks, if you happen to see "Ding", you too can be part of citizen science and report your findings/sightings at 
  You might also be interested in following their information by tuning in to


  1. Interesting story and great photos. Thanks.....

    1. :) You are very welcome. I love the opportunities that present themselves and the surprises about learning new facts.

  2. What valuable information to read about this bird - thank you! I actually saw my first Reddish Egret just this past Sunday, at Ding Darling, and did not know this. In fact, maybe we were there at the same time!

  3. I'm glad that you liked the info - the ARCI website is full of info and it's fascinating to see where "Ding" has been - he's a frequent flyer.