Thursday, December 11, 2014

Life is good

'The happy wanderer', one of my blog follower, stated that I am lucky to live in such an interesting area and I admit this to be true. Case in point.....come and see what I encountered today....
As life cycle goes - the plant that blooms eventually turns to seed -

rich, rich seeds - which will begin the cycle all over again and sprout to new life.

The Bailey Tract was filled with fluttering butterflies today - this Gulf Fritillary was just perfect in every way.....

another down the trail showed its wear and tear - yet going about in all its glory, as it should be .... for life is rich, every step of the way.

Wax Myrtle tree filled with berries - ready to provide food for the local critters, also it is a high energy food source for birds in the winter, attracting and holding migratory warblers.  

And seeing the Prairie Warbler was a really nice treat for me.

And yet another Gulf Fritillary - this one different from the last two I saw.....didn't I tell you that the place was fluttering with butterflies?

This was one of the walkway along the Bailey Tract that kept my attention for a bit - I truly enjoyed watching the dragonflies as well as the butterflies.

The White Peacock Butterfly was also present and in large numbers.

The Ani Pond was peaceful and quiet today - a few Pied-billed Grebes, a Wilson Snipe and this adult Little Blue Heron were its only occupants.

Shortly after I was off to Ding Darling to drop my roving sheet, when I arrived and parked in the staff parking lot, I was greeted by one of my friends.....let me introduce you to.....

Cattle Egret....leisurely parked on top of a moon roof - hence the reflection.

What is not to love about this sweet face!

And that's all folks.


  1. It really is a rich area for varied wildlife and plants. What is a moon roof please - not a term I've heard in Australia?

  2. A moonroof is also sometimes referred to as a sunroof. It is actually an additional window that is positioned in the roof of your car. I would venture to say that you have them in Australia and perhaps have a different name. ??

    1. Yes, thanks, we call them sunroofs. I'll try the moonroof title out on a friend!

  3. Incredible photos! I loved this post with its variety of birds and butterflies and dragonflies! Isn't that a bayberry? Or is wax myrtle just another name for the same thing?

    1. Thanks for your kind comments. And Yes, the Wax Myrtle has many different names and bayberry is one of them.

  4. Wonderful photos of some of my favorite creatures as well. I'm an east coast Florida resident and I agree - we are very lucky!!

  5. I've not seen a White Peacock Butterfly before. I've only recently started paying more attention to them, so maybe one day. Great photo.

    1. The White Peacock is a common specie and found primarily in S.Florida and S.Texas. Good luck finding one - the Bailey Tract always has them :)