Saturday, January 17, 2015

Harn's Marsh

An opportunity came up to visit Harn's Marsh and some vicinity - how could I pass that up?? I made my 'wish list', got my map and itinerary together and picked up Elaine. Our first "wanna" see specie was a Bobwhite - off we went.

We searched high and low, up and down several streets and hoped for the best - the Bobwhite were a no show - instead we were treated to several.....

American Robins. For me this is a special treat because I don't get to see them very often. My E-Bird List for that particular location.
 Shortly after, we arrived at Harn's Marsh.
A Palm Warbler welcomed us by the gate.

Several Limpkins were seen, some of them fighting for their own personal space.

Several ducks, like this Ring-necked, take the Harns Marsh as home for the winter.

Several Savannah Sparrows were busy feeding and pruning - I was blessed with many clear views. I enjoy seeing Sparrows - also a specie that I don't see very often.

Tree Swallows were having a feast of a breakfast this morning - how fun!

Isn't that Savannah precious?

Sandhill Cranes were heard and seen - look how well they blend in.

Here's the shot that I missed - the Sandhill Cranes were coming right at us and I didn't have enough time to react until they were above our heads - maybe next time.

A nice mix of birds here - all sharing the same fish hole.

Here's a Glossy Ibis.

A Pretty "Great Southern White" butterfly finding plenty of nectar.

A pair of Red-Shouldered Hawks watching us as we exit the area.....

All good things must come to an end - and it was time to head home. My E-Bird List for Harns Marsh.


  1. Once again you took some awesome photos. The Palm Warbler is like a little fluff ball so precious. Oh the American Robin a common bird, but by the way you captured the light made his color stand out more. The Great Southern White butterfly looks so pure.

  2. Thanks Larissa. You're my biggest cheerleader and I love you!