Wednesday, February 18, 2015, it's cold outside!

Our Florida weather is making me question whether I should be moving further south lately. LOL, it is all relative of any was a sunny day and too pretty to stay inside, so off we go and drive through Wildlife Drive in Ding Darling.
Even our beautiful White Pelicans are seemingly snuggling together.

Some are protesting like I am.

This group is interesting - take note of the difference in size with the Brown & White Pelican - and a couple Double-crested Cormorants nearby too.

The White Pelicans are starting to change into their breeding stage - soon they will move north to nest.

"Make room for me".

"Ding" a Reddish Egret that is banded and equipped with a solar transmitter to keep track of its habits and fly paths.

When we exited Ding Darling, we opted to visit Blind Pass....where a bridge connects Sanibel with Captiva. On the Captiva side we observed the Royal Terns with the Black Skimmers braving the high winds.

They huddled together, all facing into the wind.

From this point we can see Sanibel across the "Blind Pass".

I observed many folks walking across this sand spit - most of them oblivious to the fact that the birds were working hard at staying put and trying to conserve energy.

Black Skimmers in flight - what a sight!

Well, folks, that's all for now.....just make sure to bundle up for the next cold front.

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