Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Birding Alva with the Caloosa Bird Club

On this chilly morning, we met up with the group by the Franklin's Lock and enjoyed a beautiful sunrise - filled with promises of a great day - and it was.

A Limpkin came and greeted us - I believe it might just be the same Limpkin as last year and I bet this is his regular spot.

Some houses were set up for the Purple Martins - always a joy to see them.

A Loggerhead Shrike seeking his next morsel.

Those Oak Trees are mighty tall and gave us a good neck warm-up. Soon after we left to gather at the White's feeders.

Mr & Mrs White have been members of the Caloosa Club for many years and have graciously opened their house/yard to share the multitude of birds that come to their an Indigo Bunting is waiting for a spot by the bird feeder.

In their neighborhood - a singing Carolina Wren was spotted.

An American Goldfinch was soon joined by

the Painted Bunting - wow - I never tire of looking at this bird and it was hard to say good bye...but alas we need to move on.

We drove for a bit along N.River Rd and then reached Parkinson Road where we saw this Yellow-bellied Sapsucker as well as the Red-headed Woodpecker.

Also, a pair of Swallow-tailed Kites were seen perched in a tree before wooing us with their acrobatic flight.

Several Cattle Egrets were resting and cleaning while we walked by - soon after we saw the Wood Ducks.... in flight....they quickly retreated to the back, giving us a brief flight/silhouette view.

A quick pit stop at Franklin Lock Campground provided us views of a Limpkin, a Yellow-crowned Night Heron, Killdeers, an Eagle and several Purple Martins.

Soon after we headed to North River Road - a family of Sandhill Cranes was observed...

the pond has just about dried up and there isn't much left there - we did see a Greater Yellowleg and heard the Meadowlark....

our group enjoyed the view through the barb wire

and watched as the two colts walked far away from their parents - having fun and enjoying the fleeting freedom.
My E-Bird List for Alva.

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