Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Migration continues

It was fun to bird the Lighthouse once again - and it started out with a glorious sunrise.

And from that moment on - it seemed as if the birds had basked in that sun glow - such as this Hooded Warbler.

The Red-eyed Vireo on the other hand seemed to stay within the shadows of the branches filled with Gumbo Limbo berries.

Another Hooded Warbler.

And the all time favorite - A Prothonotary Warbler.

This Prothonotary has a relatively long bill and large dark eyes, its diet consists of insects and spiders - I wish he was a year around resident.

Well, all good things comes to an end - almost - I got home and sat outside with Elaine and while we were drinking the view, 2 Orchard Oriole showed up - What a way to seal the day!   My E-Bird List for the Lighthouse.

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