Monday, June 1, 2015

Harn's Marsh - Lehigh Acres

It is June and it happens to be one of the slowest month of the year for birding in Florida, hence the reason why E-bird puts out a challenge to get folks out there to go birding. So, what better way to start the month than a visit to Harn's Marsh in Lehigh Acres! This is one of those out of the way spot that is quite rewarding to visit.
Several Limpkins were already having a breakfast feast - juicy apple snails.

One of 5 Roseate Spoonbills that I spotted along the Marsh.

Some Black Vultures were lazily stretching as they were waking up for the day.

My favorites - Sandhill Cranes - Here is a family with a young colt.

Oh boy! "What big wings you have!"

I was very pleased that they came closer and gave us great views.

Close to the reeds - a family of Common Gallinule.

Several Wood Storks flew over our heads - it is nice to see them.

Some more Black Vultures were spotted - we saw several of them in/out of the trees. After a bit we ventured out and cruised some of the streets in Lehigh Acres in search of....

Red Headed Woodpeckers. I have to warn you here because several of the following photos are....

more Red-headed Woodpeckers.

Once in a while there was a little surprise here and there - such as this juvenile Northern Flicker...

and a Downy Woodpecker - one of the ways to differentiate between a Downy & a Hairy is that a Downy has dots on its tail as well as a smaller bill.

Some Purple Martins were seen hanging around this particular dead tree - unusual spot as they are usually seen in/around gourds in people's yards.

Isn't that the most gorgeous woodpecker?

More Purple Martins - ladies and immatures.

This is an optical illusion and the woodpecker is not trapped.

I've never been in such close proximity of Red-headed Woodpecker - and this really made my day.

This is the type of habitat where we found those woodpeckers.

Well, folks, is there a better way to end the day than with a Red-tailed Hawk....I think not. My E-bird (Harn's Marsh), E-bird (Lehigh Acres) Lists for today.       Red-tailed Hawk?? I think not.                              

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  1. Another excellent series, France. Haven't been to Harns yet myself, but u male it look great. Love the woodies, beautiful! B.