Friday, July 3, 2015

Bunche Beach

I had the opportunity to join my friend Elaine this morning and to observe some birds at Bunche Beach - it was low tide and early - a perfect mix for a great outing, come and see....
Our first sighting was in the parking lot - one of two Yellow-crowned Night Heron is pictured here zooming in for a mangrove crab.

Oh! I spot a Marbled Godwit - one of my favorite birds.

And Short-billed Dowitcher.

That Godwit is really striking with its pink and black bill.

A Willet and a Red Knot. We observed this Red Knot for quite some time, thinking that it might be a White-rumped but with the help of my photos, books and friend's input - it was eventually verified as a Red Knot.

Black Skimmers and Semi-palmated Plovers took flight when a few powered gliders came by.

More Short-billed Dowitcher

That famous Red Knot

pictured with two Dowitchers.

Another Marbled Godwit - this one took on a different hue with the sun/light and appears as if its bill is orange.

In the distance - a Bald Eagle.

We saw several Reddish Egret - a dark morph is pictured here.

Well, these Marbled Godwit were quite a treat to see among many other shorebirds....check my E-Bird List for the 31 species we saw this morning.

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