Saturday, July 4, 2015

Freedom to fly

A bit of beach walking this morning provided me with some great time observing our feathered friends and to muse about the fact that they have the freedom to fly - whether as a mode of transportation or to flee for protection. I was glad to see more birds on the beach too, come and take a look....
The White Ibis in its breeding plumage really caught my attention - look at those blue eyes, crimson legs/bill and

that gular pouch! The Ibis are common but they certainly deserve second looks, don't you think?

A younger White Ibis with some of its brown feathers remaining - by next year it will sport its new white coat too.

Several Least Terns were on the beach this morning - resting and feeding in between.

An adult Least Tern.

Some Ruddy Turnstone came in to mingle and to check if the food is better in this corner.

An Osprey was also actively looking for some breakfast.

A juvenile Least Tern

A wet Black Skimmer landed near the adult Least Tern.

A Sub-adult Brown Pelican flew by too.

More Least Tern

People were walking the beach along the edge of the water causing the birds to take flight - a Ruddy Turnstone showing its intricate patterns.

The Black Skimmer did not spend much time resting - off he went to resume his feast.

A few Royal Terns were present too - on the left I see that this Tern has been banded.

Notice the difference in the size between the almost largest Tern with the smallest Tern.

See the difference in flight too.

Another young Least Tern - notice the difference in the bill and the plumage.
Well, folks, it's been fun and soon more birds will return to our area, I look forward to welcome them back.

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