Sunday, August 23, 2015

A migration warm-up

Since I have flipped the calendar page over to August - I've noticed quite a bit of change in our bird population....and that is a good thing. The shorebirds are arriving regularly and some of the migrants are popping up in different places. A visit to the Bailey Tract brought some nice surprises.
More activities was taking place in the trees - birds I hadn't seen for several months....

and ducks too!! A flock of Blue-winged Teal took flight from the Mangrove pond.

The Common Gallinule are back too after being absent for a bit..

A young Mockingbird venturing out and testing his wings of freedom.

Wildflowers were abundant and very happy with all the rain that we've had lately.

A Green Heron fixed on his next meal.

Oh, what a nice surprise!! An Orchard Oriole!

And an Eastern Kingbird! Migration is starting to warm up nicely and I'm ready. My E-bird list for today.

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