Monday, August 24, 2015

Port Charlotte

There has been some reports of good 'migrants' being seen in Port Charlotte, so Elaine and I made the trip this morning.
As soon as we got unto the trail we heard the Black-bellied Whistling Ducks - one of them landed on this branch....

and repeated his symphony....perhaps....

with the purpose of engaging some lively communication with his peers...

before joining them in this lively interlude.

Eventually settling down while the Little Blue Heron watches on.

A Marsh Hare ... one of many.

A Blue Jay - quite the entertainer - while we watched he sang many different tunes.

One of two Purple Gallinules that we saw....

"Where's Waldo"?

We spent some time noticing the difference between the Purple and the Common Gallinule - other than the obvious purple feathers we saw the blue area above the 'candy corn' bill....they are also a tad bit bigger than the Common and tend to walk on top of the Lilly Pads.

A view of "Ollie's Pond" in Port Charlotte. My E-Bird List while walking around the pond.

 On the way back we made a quick stop to Pennington Nature Park - also in Port Charlotte. This was a lovely shaded 3/4 mile trail....a bit late and hot by mid-late morning but definitely a place to visit again.
An interesting and 'artful' dragonfly sealed the day. My E-Bird List for this trail.

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