Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Masked Booby - yeah, you read that right!

If you would have say to me that I would get to see a Masked Booby on the beach this morning, I would have replied: You are out of your mind! Well, wouldn't you know, as I'm waiting for reports from my of my turtle buddies sends me a photo asking me what kind of duck it was....WHAT!....I replied quickly: "Where are YOU?" When I found out she was just a few miles away and the bird was still there - I grabbed my supplies with me and I was out the door in a flash.
This is how I found the Masked Booby when I arrived at the beach - comfortably snoozing while people were watching him merely a couple of feet away - apparently they are quite comfortable around humans.

My sea turtle walkers were calling while I was observing the Masked Booby and he seemed to enjoy the sound of my phone which has bird songs/chirps in it.

I just couldn't believe my good fortune - I've been wanting to see one of these for quite some time.

Another birder - Scott S. with his wife Frances were present, he is quite knowledgeable - he pointed out the baby feathers on this bird which are molting - "a sub-adult" bird.

I tell you folks, the sunrise never looked as good as it did today.

The Masked Booby had been pruning/cleaning his feathers for some time when all of a sudden he opened up his wings - I thought for sure he was going to take off but we were fortunate to have more time to admire this fellow.

It's a big Gulf out there, which is basically his breakfast, lunch and dinner table.

Time has elapsed and I need to report to my turtle duties .... I leave hoping that I could have stayed...

One last look with a sigh and at the same time gratefulness for this morning's gift of a lifetime.


  1. Hi France-
    What a story/experience/photo op! Congratulations on your Booby! Nice article in a nice, still-small-town-
    type paper. Nature loves her little surprises!
    Bird On-

  2. Other than a Canada Goose appearing at the Bailey Tract, I have to say this is one of the most unusual sighting in the span of my birding journey - but since I'm a newer birder, perhaps more will take place and, as such, I'm open for the serendipity moments. Bring it on :)