Friday, October 30, 2015

More treats

Yesterday was so rewarding at the Bailey Tract that I felt the need to return today and see what else was in store for me - I was really glad I did.
Fall foliage at the Bailey Tract

The ducks and grebe are slowly waking up.

The surprise of the day: a Swamp Sparrow....seldom seen or heard....what a treat!

I felt blessed to have him pop up in front of me and stay for a bit.

Today was also the day to have ample opportunities to watch the Common Yellow-throat, it doesn't happen very often that this little fellow stays long enough for good looks let alone take a photo.

This is usually the side that I see as it flies by at bullet speed.

A House Wren

What can I say - I'm a sucker for yellow - my happy and warm color.

A Rattlebox Butterfly - a very tiny one which shows pink when in flight. What a nice way to seal the day. My E-Bird List for today.

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