Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Bird Club time! Today: Bird Rookery Swamp

The Caloosa Bird Club meets every Monday - Nov through April - it has been 6 months since the last trip and I welcome the fact that we are resuming - let's go!
Today's meet took place in Naples - Collier Co - at Bird Rookery Swamp. This is a combination boardwalk/nature trail that is 12 miles in length if you do the entire loop, the group usually turns around way before that. It feels like you're in a different part of the world when you enter this peaceful place - like heaven on earth - come and see.....
Our group today was a nice size - 21 members + 3 guests. This is the trail leading to the boardwalk.....

A Red-shouldered Hawk was silently watching, I love how the sun emphasizes his amber colors.

A Swamp Sparrow gave us good looks right out in the open across that little ditch.

This red maple leaf brought me back 'home' to Canada.

The trail opens right after the boardwalk...don't you just want to go and walk!

An Eastern Wood-pewee, no eye ring and wing bars.

A small gator laying over a log.

Beautiful vista, eh?

On the way back, the same gator was spread across the log with green algae on top probably trying to disguise as an iguana.

I love Lillies - the bees loves them too.

Interesting information about the Witches Broom

Shortly after we left the area - destination: IFAS Extension for lunch. This is where we refuel and go over the E-Bird list for the trip...53 species...not bad at all. We then went to Oil Well Road, a venue that was really productive a year ago with lots of ducks - this year not so much - it's almost dry and I think a bit early for the ducks. My E-Bird list for Oil Well Road. 
 Elaine and I left the group and decided to return to IFAS Extension to spend some time in the garden.

We were rewarded with great sighting of a couple Hummingbirds.

I would have liked a better camera view point so that the colors would be more noticeable but as the song says: You can't always get what you want.

But nevertheless, this bird was on my 'wishlist' today and my wish was granted - I am greatful and I was blessed.

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