Monday, November 16, 2015

Eagle Lakes & Sugden Park in Naples w/Caloosa Bird Club

Ahhh....Monday morning and the Caloosa Bird Club is calling - let's go birding!
Today's itinerary: Eagle Lakes in Naples, Florida.
A Blue Grosbeak was a very nice surprise today.

An American Wigeon showing off.

An Indigo Bunting had me guessing for a bit - those female/first winter bird are tricky for me to recognize.

This park is large with wide cement trails that we shared with bikers/walkers, the view is great everywhere you looked....just watch where you're going.

Black-bellied Whistling Ducks - my favorite.

A Great Blue Heron doing a dance for another nearby.

You know you're into snowbird season when the Coots are in great numbers.

Here's a reptile that generated quite a conversation - from the angle and the distance, some folks thought it might have been an alligator snapping turtle but as can be seen here - the scutes are 'gator' like and not cone shape.

We later moved to the Sugden Park where we consumed our lunch - a Kestrel was glowing in all its beauty - don't you agree?

A few Bald Eagles were spotted flying overhead - beside this young one, our eyes followed a mature pair carrying nest material....

to their nesting site nearby. A great way to seal the day! My E-bird List for Eagle Lakes and my E-bird List for Sugden Park.

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