Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Shipley Trail - FOS American Robin

The Shipley Trail which borders the Bailey's Homestead and the new home for SCCF's native Nursery is progressing nicely - the nursery is open and the Homestead will follow on the early part of next year.
Come and take a look at all the progress...
This is viewed from the parking lot - in the back is where the Shipley Trail is.

The Bailey Homestead.

The Windmill which borders the trail and the homestead property.

The fresh water pond.

I made my way to the Shipley Trail which overlooks the Bailey Homestead.

A bit of history on the Windmill.

I walked to the reclaimed water area which sits behind Matzaluna Restaurant and at the end of the Shipley Trail - technically this area is also known at the Pond Apple Trail - the two trails connect. This morning several birds were already resting from their breakfast feasts.

A Tricolored heron.

A pair of Killdeer.

From the trail head of the Pond Apple Trail I am looking across the ponds and into the tall Australian Pine.....

where the pair of Bald Eagle is presently resting.

Further along, some little frogs were seen jumping the bridge (railing) into the nearby vegetation as I approached.

Plenty of purple moon flowers can be seen along the trails.

I love to be on a trail - looking ahead yet not knowing what I will adventure awaits.

On my way back I noticed a few more Killdeers, as I raised my binoculars to count them I am surprised to see how many there are....

the more I watch, the more I see - I counted 24.

A Young Anhinga claimed a wood post - he watched intently as I walked slowly by....

after I passed him, I turned to watch his demeanor - he made me think of: Ready, set, GO!....but he fooled me because he stayed put after all.

Back along the boardwalk - I noticed the pollen dwellers.

And my surprise for today - an American Robin - my first of season sighting....the Robins have been making their way down south and looks like this fellow has arrived in Sanibel - how precious!

A young Indigo Bunting was also spotted along the trail...

in the midst of the Yellow-rumped Warblers, which have become a dime a dozen.

Folks, the birding is getting better and I would venture to guess that the wildlife/birds are approving their new grounds that surrounds the Bailey Homestead/SCCF nature Gardens ...check my E-Bird list for today - 33 species!

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