Monday, December 7, 2015

Ding Darling with the Caloosa Bird Club

It's Monday and it's Bird Club Day!
We kept our fingers crossed that they rain would stay away and it worked for the most part. The tide was low and it provided some good views along the Wildlife Drive of Ding Darling.
The White Pelicans are back in good numbers and it's lovely to watch them again.

One of those fellow was tagged with a green marker and banded on its left leg. It was originally thought that it was banded at Great Salt Lake but now there is talk that it might have been tagged in Dakota.

This Snowy Egret was quite comfortable at our feet - he paid us no attention and kept its focus on the fish.

A Green Heron was watching intently and probably wondered why there was so many people on a Monday morning.

A Group of Short-billed Dowitcher probing the ground for tasty morsels.

A Little Blue Heron shortly after eating his catch - if you ask me, it looks like he swallowed a Canary.

Back for more.

Very important discussions take place during the bird's all for the birds....literally.

"Yes, it's all about me".

After our tour of Ding Darling - we drove to the Shipley Trail to do our E-Bird List and savor our lunch. We sealed the day by taking a little walk along the retention pond by the Pond Apple Trail where we enjoyed watching a few Wood Storks....another great day of birding! Folks...go outdoors, it's worth it.

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