Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Big Cypress area with the Caloosa Bird Club

It's Monday - which means Caloosa Birding Club day and today's first destination: Ten Thousand Islands - come along and take a peek....
 A trail off the busy path of US 41- worth checking into the next time you are in the area.
We slowly and quietly took on the trail - observing the wild life around us. Several Wood Storks were seen feeding in the twinkling water.

Anhingas consuming its favorite food: fish!

A bush full of Little Blue Herons - immature (white) and adults (blue). A great walk on the wild side - My E-Bird list for this trail. Then we were off to our next location...

We had hoped to see the Barred Owl along the boardwalk but tried as we may we were not able to locate it - however we had some great views of this Yellow-bellied Sapsucker....

If you look closely you can actually see where it quietly tapped and formed shallow holes in the tree bark - all lined up in a row, this sapsucker feeds on sap and on insects attracted to the sap.

Off in the distance, a large gator was resting. The size of the gators seen in the Everglades are humongous in comparison to the gator that we have on the island where I live.

The scenery along the Big Cypress Bend Fakahatchee is just breathtaking - my photos can not do it person that has worked its magic with conveying the proper feeling of this environment is Clyde Butcher hands down.

How about this Black-and-white Warbler! Overheard from the group was: "Oh, that's a good bird!" - I ask you: "Is there a bad bird?". LOL

Do you think the Great Blue Heron liked all the attention? It seems to be in deep complicated thoughts.

On the way out we all feasted our eyes on a Black-crowned Night Heron which was busy trying to eat a Gar.

Haha! Check out my catch!

Yumm...this will be delicious.....

"Perhaps I bit more than I can chew." And so, we must thank this little fellow for the close-up entertainment. My E-Bird List for this location.
 It was time to move on to the next stop: Kirby Storter Roadside Park - another 20 miles south or so from the Big Cypress Bend Boardwalk. As we were traveling on U.S.41 at 60mph, we encountered above us a cloud of.....
Tree Swallows - hard to tell exactly how many there was - estimated to be over 10,000 at the very least. We wished we could have pulled over to observe and feel the phenomena of such spectacle - truly a memorable moment.
They were seen landing on nearby twigs. (this photo was taken a year prior but it serves its purpose here).
Shortly after we arrived at our last destination.

Another boardwalk which takes us deep into the wild - yet so close to U.S. 41 (traffic zooming by could still be heard).

Yet, there is a quiet peacefulness within the area.

My group seen observing warblers way up in the tree top - a great neck exercise in addition to savoring the eye candy.

Gar fish - the favorite food of many birds.

A small lizard seen basking in the warmth of the sun.

It's time to wrap it up .... now that we've fed our souls it is time to feed our stomach.

While we finished up our lunches and tallied up our bird sighting - a few Tree Swallows made a brief appearance to bid us farewell till the next time. My E-Bird list for this location.

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