Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A young Osprey photo shoot

A walk along the Lighthouse of Sanibel brought me to observe a young Osprey that recently fledged the nest. It landed on this piece of driftwood and seemed undisturbed by all the beachgoers and apparently not ready to leave this perch for the time being.

It was practicing using its wings - getting a feel on how it all works.

Getting ready to leave this stick for another...

Check those talons - ready to latch on.

"Oh baby, it's hot out here!"

 Soon, this will become a favorite fishing hole. Good luck little fellow.

1 comment:

  1. Hi France!
    Wonderful accompanying you, as always. Some of your fans may not know that the beautiful white chest of your Osprey belies him as a male, and that the female would present brown splotches across her breast. We can only wish him well, and hope he catches lots of fish!
    Enjoying it all-