Monday, April 25, 2016

Lighthouse for possible migrants

I've been watching the e-bird reports on what has been seen and where, I usually plan my days around those sightings if possible.
The Lighthouse had great reports of an Acadian Flycatcher (would be a lifer for me), a Swainson Thrush and a Tennessee Warbler - so, I studied my bird guide and headed to the Lighthouse this morning with Elaine S.
After watching a Hooded Warbler, we switched attention to this little guy - we had ample views and enough clues to conclude after a while that we were looking at a Blackpoll Warbler - probably an adult female, first year, spring.

Then a very sweet view of a Yellow-billed Cuckoo.

Talk about being lucky to have it in full sight

What a beautiful bird - its feathers look luxuriously soft and the colors/patterns are very crisp - like a young man in a tux.

Our local Palms warblers have left already and we are now seeing the Palms that are traveling through as they head north. It's nice to see those breeding colors and rusty cap.

After spending 3 hours at the Lighthouse patiently and failing to see our target birds, we decided to head out and make a stop at the Snowy Plover sight. Two beautiful eggs have been laid in this spot - just out in the open - soon a third egg will be deposited and the Snowy will actively begin the incubation process.

We wondered how such a little bird could pass such a plump egg!

Notice how the shells have been carefully lined up within the nest cavity.

Not too far away, a pair of Willet were resting side by side by the ocean side - not a bad way to spend the day, hey?

As we made our way out of the beach, we couldn't help but watch with awe this beautiful Bald Eagle - most likely a 3 year old still sporting some brown feathers in its cap. I wondered what it was watching so intently.

I just wanted to close this blog today with a photo from a couple of years ago - a striking Hooded Warbler - just like the one we saw today. I look forward to my next sighting. 

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