Saturday, April 23, 2016

Coming and going

Spring season brings about many changes, my winter friends are heading to their northern homes, the birds that have been here for several months are leaving toward their nesting grounds - in the meantime we have birds that are passing through and some that have arrived and are now nesting. Having said that - I've been spending more time locally and I'm sharing with you what I've seen the past couple of days....
A female Painted Bunting at the Shell Mound in Ding Darling, as well as....

a Blackpoll Warbler and....

a Black-throated Blue Warbler, sweet! While I was walking the boardwalk I met some folks and one gal shared some info about a Chuck-will-widow. This was quite a good tip to come across as I've never seen one - so, off I went to observe this camouflaged fellow....

I can see why it would be difficult to find when it is on the ground....

surrounded by dark twigs/foliage etc. I limited the amount of time greatly as I didn't want to distress the bird.

This morning I found myself along the beach with the moon glow in my back and the sun rising to the east. A Mottled Duck came in for a landing but missed a bit - hence the sand on its breast.

I think it's going to be another great day!

The Snowy Plovers were up already and busily feeding along the shoreline.

This one was resting along the whelk egg cases - blending in quite well too.

Its mate wasn't too far away.

My second stop today took me at the Lighthouse where I set my eyes on a beautiful Ruby-throated Hummingbird - wow on its red throat!

Not too far in the parking lot, we found a Painted Box Turtle - what interesting design on its shell!

By the Lighthouse a Grey Kingbird was chasing insects and returning to this twig to eat it.

Around the corner a Gopher Tortoise was getting ready to return to its borrow.

Another beautiful view of that Ruby-throated Hummingbird, I'm blessed today.

The Magnificent Frigatebird sealed the day.

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