Friday, April 22, 2016

Green Heron

A Green Heron is always a joy to discover and observe especially when they are feeding - it "fishes" for food by using tools - like twigs or seeds to lure fish within proximity- cleaver little fellow. At this time of the year, the Green Heron is in breeding and has been busy building a stick nest in a tree, always a treat to watch the process.

It is a daily chore to keep feathers clean and in top shape condition, luckily for the Green Heron it is equipped with a "Pectinate" claw....

located at the end of the longest toe.

I was first made aware of this tool when I attended a fascinating lecture by Dr. Jerry Jackson one evening - thanks to the San-Cap Audubon for inviting him to speak this past winter in Sanibel.

Look at all those feathers! They need a daily combing and oiling and what better tool than this....

Pectinate Claw - look closely and you'll see that it resembles a comb.

A well fed and well preened Heron can better take care of its brood - 4 beautiful blue eggs incubating - stay tuned for a follow up.

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