Wednesday, June 15, 2016


"Greed" a word that comes to mind when I go birding because I often "want" to see certain species and these past two mornings I found myself wishing to see that Fork-tailed Flycatcher once again - well, what can I was a gorgeous bird!
In any event, I truly enjoyed my outings and appreciated the few birds that I did encounter....come along and see....
Quite a few Red-bellied Woodpeckers can be seen - parents teaching their young ones how to fend for themselves.

Now, this was a nice surprise to find a Bald Eagle behind Bailey's General Store - Bald Eagles in Sanibel are far and few in between during the summer months.

One of two Gray Kingbirds that I spotted along the shopping center - there is a family that tends to hang around and it's always fun to find them.

The Swallow-tailed Kites were quite vocal as they soared and glided by.

"Sweet!" I thought to myself - a family of Mottled Ducks, always a joy to see.

A young Common Gallinule - the lighting makes it look as if it's a painting.

A young Red-Shouldered Hawk was very vocal this morning.

One of the many young Green Herons seen around the Bailey Tract - I love how we can see them freely this time of the year.

A little brush up from the Common Gallinule reminds me that every bird I encounter is a 'good' bird and I'm grateful for that.

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