Saturday, July 16, 2016

More snowy

I was doing turtle patrol duties when I came across this little family of Snowy Plover - I didn't have my zoom camera but needless to say the cute factor is still there.
This was mid-day, notice how the parent is shading her chicks....often time you can see the parent taking shade from 'protected area' posts.


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  1. Hi France!
    Wow! That's so cool you got that picture, but then again, you always seem to get the best shots!
    We hope Tony is doing well. Our "chick checker", Dick Miles, on Siesta Beach, has been so down
    because yesterday we lost a nest with three eggs after the hen had been incubating for almost
    two weeks. No broken eggs, no predator tracks, just GONE the other morning. I'll direct him to
    your site for some good news!
    Thanks and love-