Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday's rituals

We had quite a few strong storms last night and some much needed rain too, this is welcomed as it cools the air some -  so, armed with my bins, camera and bug spray - I headed to the trails.... come along and see what was there....
One of the benefit of the lack of rain recently is that the ponds get very shallow, it brings the fish in a concentrated area and as such we get a gathering of the Egrets and Herons - sharing a meal together.

The Common Gallinule have been multiplying successfully this summer - I counted at least 20 this morning, most of them were immature.

A Juvenile Little Blue - it looks very elegant in this posture.

Summer also brings many more Magnificent Frigate birds in our area too and I love it - these two were quite a bit closer than usual.

Mr. Cardinal - looks like he's been around the block a few times.

A skip over to the Sanibel Garden Preserves - I found 4 Swallow-tailed Kites roosting.

And thank goodness I was looking down as I was walking along the pond otherwise I might have stepped over this very little turtle and that would have been horrible.

I have a dilemma as to whether this is a Slider or  a River Cooter - both species are in the Pond and Box Turtle Family. These are active mostly during the day and like to basks on logs.

Some of our White friends were around the corner - A Great Egret and Snowy Egrets.

I couldn't resist but admire this bright colorful bush filled with berries.

This Osprey was working the Smith Pond along the Bailey Tract Preserve - he gave me a funny look as he flew by.

And off he went to continue on with his fishing business.

I would have bypassed this colorful wild flower if it hadn't been for a tiny feather slowly floating down capturing my attention as it landed in it. There is so much to see and so little time to take it all in.

In some Mangrove recess, this Tri-colored Heron caught my eye making me think of a beautiful Monet painting.

This bird itself is worthy of an artist's paint brush.

Once again, it's been relaxing yet  an invigorating experience, at the same time it brought me much peace - I look forward to my next visit already. 


  1. Great photos! I'll be headed to Sanibel Garden Preserve soon. Can you direct me to the easiest way to see those Swallow-tailed kites roosting? Where should I park and how long is the walk? Thanks!

    1. The kites have been seen roosting behind the Over Easy Cafe on Sanibel - best view is first thing in the a.m. like 7a.m. and can be viewed from the cafe's parking lot. If you travel down the Sanibel Blvd street that is right next to the cafe - it will take you to a gate a "Opre Ave" where you can enter the Garden. I hope this helps, good luck! There were 13 kites on Wed morning.