Sunday, October 23, 2016

Moon Flowers and Eastern Phoebe

Awe, the weather is slowly changing and the air is clear and crisp, an early walk at the Bailey Tract greeted me with Moon Flowers....
The Moon Flowers are in the Morning Glory family - how appropriate to find this on my arrival this morning.

It grows on a twining vine, the flowers (5-1/2") are funnel-shaped with 5 yellowish-green radiating stripes. It is fragrant and opens at night, the leaves are heart-shaped and it blooms year-round.

As I surveyed the rest of the trail, I came upon this quiet group of Mourning Dove, they seemed to huddle together - perhaps to stay warm on this chilly morning.

On my way back I heard and then saw this Eastern Phoebe. Fresh fall birds are washed with yellow below. The Phoebes are distinguished from pewees by their habit of pumping down and spreading their tails.

I've missed seeing the Phoebes and I'm happy to see them again and to hear them sing their "fee-bee" song. Welcome Back!

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