Thursday, October 20, 2016

A walk on the beach side

I had some free time on my hands after checking on the last turtle nest so I took this opportunity to walk the beach, I enjoyed breathing that salt air with the breeze and the peacefulness that came with it - come along and join me....
I got there really early and I could barely make out that the birds were Black Skimmers

And before I knew it, the sun peeked into the horizon - giving the air that golden hue that I adore.

The Dune Sunflowers seemed to embrace that sun.

The little favorite: a Snowy Plover

Second favorite: The SemiPalmated Plover

An Adult Brown Pelican took off just as I set my lens on it - I love their expression and how they often engage eye contact.

More Semi-Palmated Plovers

A Black-bellied Plover

A bright and alive Lightning Whelk - I watched it as it slowly buried itself deeper into the wet sand.

And just for fun I collected a few Kitten paws and lined them up leading to a Spiny Jewelbox.

A hawk flew by and quickly landed into this Australian Pine - too many shadows and since I didn't have my binoculars with me, I wasn't quite sure which specie I was looking at.....

until it switched trees - the bright highlights near the tip of the wings was indicative of a Red-Shouldered Hawk.

Crossing air paths - several Brown Pelicans were cruising.

A pair of Sanderlings quickly got up when I approached - they blend so nicely with their surrounding that I had not noticed them until they moved.

Looks like a Bald Eagle - from the remaining dark feathers on its head - I would guess this adult Bald Eagle to be 3 years old.

While I was watching the Eagle - several of these were swooping by - can you guess which specie this is? I still need to spend more time to figure it out, though I have a hunch that it's a Northern Rough-Winged Swallow.

I couldn't tell what the Eagle was watching so intently but whatever it was, it must have moved on.

A half mile later I came across more Snowy Plovers.

There are three in this frame.

And this concluded my walk today - it is bittersweet to see this last nest of the season as the Sea Turtle Season is about to end - I bid farewell till the next time.

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