Monday, October 17, 2016

This week's sightings at the Bailey Tract

A few free hours - a beautiful sunny day and the Bailey Tract is calling - I'm a happy gal! Come along and visit with me.....
I think it's a bonus when the moon is still up and the sun is rising, don't you agree?

A dozen of Black Skimmers flew by, the rising sun is giving them a honey glow.

An Anhinga flew by and landed in the mangroves - funny how its head looks so small on that body.

The usual Tricolored Heron in its regular spot.

A beautiful quiet vista - I could hear all the birds - what a soothing symphony!

The Palm Warblers are back in town and we welcome them with great pleasure.

A female Common Yellowthroat playing Peek-a-Boo.

The Common Ground Doves are common all right but seeing 6 on the path was an unusual sight for me.

Being the smallest Dove - they sure are precious.

One of several Ospreys that I saw today.

Another regular - the Little Blue Heron.

The Pied-billed Grebes have arrived for the winter too - this particular one is a Juvenile, soon to be morphing into adult plumage.

"Welcome to the Bailey Tract little fellow - I hope that you'll make this your winter home from now on."

And this concludes my visit today, another winner if you ask me.


  1. Hey France!
    Glad you are happy. Hope all is well. About your comment on the sounds of the morning, let me quote John Lister-Kaye's book "Gods of the Morning": "It seems that naturalists (and perhaps not just naturalists) need these sounds to help up locate our passions, to ground us in the beliefs we hold about the natural world and to link us with our origins. . . .(they arouse) in me a yearning that seems to tug at the leash of our long separation from the natural world."

  2. Thank you Patch, I love this quote!