Friday, December 9, 2016

The Bailey Tract - continue

TGIF and it's a free day to do what I like to do....and off to the Bailey Tract I go!
A Green Heron turned out to be my first photographed subject today.

And lucky for me - it came really close to where I was standing. It's interesting how there are so many during the summer but come winter time and we really have to look hard to find one.

A Red Cardinal should be called a Christmas Bird with its brilliant red coat.

Talking about 'red', this Brazilian Pepper bush is looking healthy and striving through the native vegetation.

A peek-a-boo play by the Common Gallinule.

And look who I bumped into today - Jim, the president of the San-Cap Audubon group with Phillis and his daughter-in-law Debbie.

An Osprey was just around the corner vocalizing with another - it will soon be mating season.

And as predicted I found the bright male Anhinga in its usual spot.....birds are creature of habits just like we are.

A singing Phoebe redirected my attention as I..

was on my way out, further down the lane the Great Blue Heron bid me farewell.

It was an enjoyable morning even though I failed to locate the Smooth-billed Ani.....maybe one of these days in the very near future.

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