Friday, December 9, 2016

The Bailey Tract

I found myself at the Bailey Tract quite a few times this week following a good report from Libby about a Smooth-billed Ani. Try as I may, I was not successful in my endeavor.....however....spending time birding on the trail is always a bonus, come along and see what I came across....
On my way to work and with an early start, I was able to locate an American Bittern across the water - it was quite busy and focused on its next meal.

In the distance - a Red-shouldered Hawk was drying up, unfortunately that's all the time I had, however I think it kicked start the day with a great punch!
The following morning I was there bright and early - I watched the sun rise with the hopes of being lucky and finding the Ani.
In the meantime a very vocal Belted Kingfisher was observed - talk about attitude and confidence!
Meanwhile a young Little Blue Heron was enjoying a foot bath nearby.
A very damp Pied-billed Grebe was the king in his claimed pond.

A Great Blue Heron seemed to enjoy that sunrise as much as I did, I bid it farewell until the next time.


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