Sunday, June 25, 2017

Reddish Egret chick

It feels a bit odd to be here once again, my time is consumed with way too many things and unfortunately birding is not one of them and I miss it on so many different levels - though I am here now and I am sharing this little beauty - I took an early morning and raced a few miles away before getting ready for work - I got there just as the sun was getting ready to rise and searched for this bird that had been reported....take a look.....

here we have a Reddish Egret chick sitting in the nest, waking up ever so slowly....

its eyes and feathers are totally priceless.

Not too far away its parent could be seen hunting for food.

The chick seems to be restless as it moved around and stretched its wings and even stepping

off the nest and unto the branches. The word out there is that this is the first Reddish Egret nest on Sanibel that we know of, I hope it fledges safely....anyday now.

Good luck little one, we wish you a long and healthy life.

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