Sunday, October 22, 2017

Rotary Park

Several mentions of warblers being seen at the Rotary Park prompted Elaine and I to make a visit.
This Park is loaded with native vegetation and the butterflies are plentiful - a Monarch is seen here and

not too far away we found a Long-tailed Skipper - its blue feathers shimmered in the sun.

Above our heads was a young Mockingbird.

Down below a figurine reflecting my emotions...

after all....there's no place like a beautiful peaceful garden while being surrounded by the wildlife.

A House Finch is always fun to find.....and...

so is a Prairie Warbler

There were plenty of insects in the trees and the Prairie Warbler was quite adept at finding them - there's the remnants of an ant in its beak.

At the lower portion of the tree we found a young Black-throated Blue Warbler, its "hankerchief" was the clue for me.

As always, the Rotary Park did not disappoint - when the birds are hiding the butterflies take over our attention and slows down the rhythm .... sometimes that's a good thing.

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