Monday, November 6, 2017

Bird Rookery Swamp

Here we are in November and this signifies that it's time for the bird club to resume, our first bird trip of the season was at the Bird Rookery Swamp located in Naples. It started out with heavy fog but soon the sun came out and made everything look so much better.....come along and visit with me.....
Just prior to entering the trail this Green Heron landed in front of us and stayed for quite some time giving us ample views.

The local Red Shouldered Hawk resident was in its usual perch - keeping a close eye on its surroundings.

Along the boardwalk - the usual fauna was in bloom - great eye candy.

Another sweet treat was this White-eyed Vireo which was out in the open and quietly chasing after some plump morsels.

Soon after the boardwalk we turned around because of this small river going across the road and further down we could see large tree 'log' across the path - compliments of Hurricane Irma.

Back by the parking lot we enjoyed watching this Black-crowned Night Heron and

this Green Heron which....

my friend Elaine aptly named:

"Dracula" - it looked so dark and seemingly wrapped in a dark cloth.

Well, as always, a great outing while birding and interestingly enough we started and ended with a Green Heron - the club's mascot....a win-win kind of day!

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