Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Freedom Park in Naples

There had been many reports on Facebook for the past couple of days about a MacGillivray Warbler being sighted at Freedom Park in Naples and since Monday is birding day - it just made perfect sense to head to that park first thing in the morning.
We arrived at the park and noticed that we were not the first ones - we proceeded down or up the boardwalk, depending on how you want to look at any events....come along and see....
First, take a look at the habitat that this warbler likes to hang in .... deep down in the foliage.

If you haven't noticed by now - I happen to be a sucker for water lily - to me they are special and represent life and being a else could one explain such a beautiful bloom that sprout out of the mud.

Okay, back to birding time....a Gray Catbird was spotted as it balanced on the flower stalks above the water.

Not too far away, a female Red-winged Black Bird.

As we headed toward the Gazebo we slowed down and enjoyed watching this Palm Warbler among the Casia petals....

lots of petals.

Many butterflies were along the path too, this Monarch landed near by and enjoyed the Pink Snow flowers which seemed rather abundant.

And finally the star of the show made a fully visible appearance....

patience paid off and I was finally able to get its photo and I have to say it was not easy - this bird spent the majority of its time under the thick mat of grasses and reeds - giving us glimpses here and there.

 This MacGillivray's Warbler is not supposed to be in this neck of the woods as it is a western specie that migrates to Mexico, for some reason and perhaps because of Hurricane Irma, it landed in our corner. Needless to say it was a "lifer" bird for myself and many others as well....this makes for a very good birding day!

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And you know what they say,
the early bird gets the worm and
the MacGillivray's got his just
like I got mine :).

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