Friday, December 8, 2017

From N. River Road to southern Sanibel

My friend Libby is here on her annual visit and today we took the opportunity to explore several areas, her wish was to see the Greater White-fronted Goose - so off we go....
And as it has been reported - it was still present along N. River Road -

We also enjoyed watching a Caracara

as well as this beautiful horse - we were delighted when all of a sudden this horse started running at full speed - I called it Wild Spirit.

Below our elbows we found this colorful bug, most likely left behind by a Shrike.

After a good hour we left but not before another good look at that gorgeous Caracara.

We then made a stop at Harns Marsh where we observed 4 Grey-faced Swamphen.

The wind was pretty gusty and the Dragonflies were holding on tightly.

A mother Sandhill Crane with her young Colt - staying close to it - she watched her surroundings diligently.

Just like a teenager, it ate like there was no tomorrow.

We then stopped along a pond along Colonial Blvd - hoping to see some more birds but instead we focused on some butterflies. Libby gave me a book to identify my butterflies....I'll have to put it to work and find the i.d.

I believe this to be a Common Checkered-Skipper

And this one got me stumped....hopefully someone will pipe in

A Fiery Skipper.

On our way back to the island we couldn't help but notice at least 100 Magnificent Frigate birds in several thermal - we pulled into Bailey Road and enjoyed the show....

What a great way to end the day!

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