Friday, February 16, 2018

Spring is coming

I've been meaning to post and share some photos but honestly I'm having some difficulty trying to figure out where I fit in this world without my husband, after being together for 40 years - it takes adjustment to find my own wings.
Talking about wings - the weather has been beautiful and I've taken a few moments here and there to be with nature and that does without much further ado - come along with me....
This Osprey has adopted this perch next to my house and I get to observe it while it preens its feathers or while it has a fish feast....

 He looks as if he likes to just hang out....though I know it's a lot more scientific than that.
And you can tell around here when the spring is getting closer and the birds are starting to sport their brighter colors - here's a Snowy Egret - check the lores and how orange it is.

Not too far away, along the Bailey Tract, I found a Wilson's Snipe and it surprised me by the fact that it didn't fly off when our eyes met.

And this morning was my first day to resume with Snowy Plover Patrol - the season officially began yesterday and I must say that as soon as I stepped foot on the beach - I knew I was home.

These two photos are for my friend Carol who said there were no birds on the beach ;)

so, I beg to differ...tongue in cheek with sugar on top :)

And there they were - I found 4 Snowy Plovers

Two of them were banded, here's Orange/Black - a female that was banded on Sanibel many years ago and she's had many chicks along the way.

This is another Sanibel Plover - the tell tale sign is the green/silver band on the left leg. And this, my friends, concludes my post for today - I will make an effort to return sooner than later.

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